Thank You

To my wife Kim:  For tolerating being a "Rocket Widow" for the last eight months, for putting up with pieces and parts of rockets being all over the house, for not getting too mad about all the clothes I ruined with epoxy and paint, for taking videos of my rockets, and for sitting in the hot sun in a cow pasture in North Carolina so I could play with my friends.  I Love You!!!


To my brother David for making his awesome workshop available to me over Thanksgiving Weekend 2000.


A special thanks to Tom Savoie for providing me with two 6" O-Rings for the electronics bay construction.  Thanks for all your help throughout this project.


To Jerry O'Sullivan:  Thanks for setting the Northern Virginia standard for "M" motor launches!!  I appreciate all the help and answers to my questions while I was building the IRIS.  Thanks for the help getting set up at the pad and for helping me keep focused when all was not looking well with the recovery electronics.


To Kevin Quire:  Thanks for not getting upset when I used your deployment bag lanyard by mistake, and when my prep junk kept taking up more and more space on your table.  Thanks for your help at the pad!


To Mark Lloyd:  Thanks for being my TAP and for not giving me too much grief as the flight approached.  Thanks for all your help!


Jim Livingston:  Thanks for being my other TAP member and for working with me to get everything signed and checked off!!


Alan Whitmore / Kelly Mercer:  Thanks for putting together some great launches!


Ed Rowe:  Thanks for letting me use your drill and for helping me get the nosecone fit adjusted!


Ben Russell & Elaine Miller:  Thanks for making the trip to NC to see the IRIS fly.  A special thanks to Elaine for helping me keep my sanity while I finished prepping for the flight.  Thanks for the support!


Ken Allen:  Thanks for being the faithful dealer for our launches!  I know I gave you a hard time at the launch but I do appreciate all that you do for us as our dedicated vendor!  I can tell you that I wouldn't do what you do for these launches!!!


Ed Miller:  Thanks for all the assistance with painting and for the great "Rocket Art" series in High Power Rocketry magazine.


Bob Fandrich:  Thanks for all your engineering expertise and for letting me talk your ear off about this project for the last eight months.


Nancy Morgan:  Thanks for being a great cheerleader!!!


David Morey:  Thanks for the great pictures!


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