During a recent fleet inspection I found that my Tripoli and NAR Level 3 6" IRIS has a zipper in the payload bay and needs repair.   My 42% scale two-stage RIM-67 ER Standard Missile has damage to the side of the sustainer from a staging delay and the interstage is burned and need of repair from an early ignition of the sustainer motor on the last flight.


My fleet inspection prompted the question of the day....


"Do I repair a rocket or do I build a new one?"


I have had the parts for a 7.5" 62.5% scale IRIS sitting in my basement for the past 10 years and after seeing the condition of all my "M" capable rockets I decided the time has come to finally build the 7.5" IRIS and fly big once again!


I  have maintained my website for the last 16 years to keep a record of my past projects and with the hope of one day getting back to the field to fly again.


Hope you enjoy your visit!

The maiden flight of the 7.5" IRIS has been delayed until the Summer 2017 flying season.

until launch day!

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